Thursday, August 21, 2008

Battle of the Bulge has been won!

Once again, Jim's superb woodworking knowledge and craftmanship shined as bright as ever today. Jim worked to remove the bulge from the ceiling in our kitchen. With a small hydraulic jack, some two by fours and a little brace work in our attic, the bulge was removed.

Jim then spent the rest of the day putting up another coat of mud in the kitchen along dry wall sea
ms and anywhere a fastener was located. Tomorrow he will add a finish coat of mud, sand a little and then Deb and I will be cleared to paint the ceiling over the weekend. Deb also came by and helped me stain the trim as well as a couple of the doors. Tomorrow, we will apply some clear coat polyurethane.

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Gary and Lisa said...

I have finally managed to follow the posts AND comment...which means I've also managed to get The Tot back onto Mountain Standard Time and napping. Thank God!!!

The kitchen is a miracle in progress. Love the appliances all stacked up in the garage. Bet you guys are looking forward to the dust settling and cracking the first bottle of wine from the new wine fridge. Yum!