Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day 3: Flooring and Puppy Day Care

Work in the kitchen is progressing accoring to plan. Jim finished taking up all the old flooring and he began to install the new subfloor. Here are a few photos of his work today:

And a few more images...

Though it might look like little was accomplished, putting in the new subfloor is a major part of the project. Until the subfloor is done, not much else can happen.

Deirdre took Monday and Tuesday off so she could he here for the first days of demolition. However, today she went back to work which left us with the issue of what to do with Samson. Samson is such a mellow cruiser; he just loves to meet everyone and play with any dog who will return the favor. However, we did not think that it was the right thing to do to leave Samson here with Jim if neither one of us were home. Enter Whiskers. It is a very well appointed place to board your pet. It offers not only overnight
boarding, but puppy daycare as well. Today Samson's first visit to Whiskers and it was an unqualified success. Whiskers is literally on my way to work, so I dropped him off at about 0715. I took Samson inside and he was immediately interested in the sounds of the other dogs there. The tech behind the desk took some information from me about him, I signed a few release and notification forms. Part of the process of boarding there, your dog is accessed for tempermant with other dogs. When I dropped him off the tech said to me, "We will evaluate Samson and see just what kind of other dogs we can let him play here during his visit." I handed Samson over to the tech, and he immediately tried to nudge her and lick her face. I was pretty confident that he would be found to have a great tempermant with other dogs.

Fast forward to late this afternoon and I picked Samson up. I asked the tech how m y dog did today and she said that Samson did just great. I asked how his tempermant test went, and she said to me that she would get check. A moment later, another tech came out and said to me, "Samson is such a sweetie. He has a great tempermant. He played hard today! He made freinds with a Lab who was here for the first time, too. They just played and played all day."

I was then handed a "report card" that said the following about Samson's visit:

"Today I played very hard."
"Today I met lots of friends."
"Today I felt great."
"Today I was a perfect angel."
"I hope to make more friends and come back often."
"My playmates today were Teddy, Ginger, Remy, Rylan."

We were confident of Samson's great tempermant, but it is nice to know that the kennel where he will be staying on and off the next few weeks thinks so, too!

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John said...

And he's a Handsome Boy, too !!!