Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day 4: Subfloor and Ohm's Law

Today was a major day in the genesis of our new kitchen. Jim finished installing the new subfloor, which is a precursor to laying the new tile, which leads to installing the cabinets... you see where this is going. Here are a few photos from Jim's work today, as well as a sample of the stuff that is starting to accumulate in our garage.

Now, on to Ohm's Law. For you social science majors out there, Ohm's law states that across an electrical circuit, voltage is equal to the product of the resistance and the current. Ohm's Law is in effect when you flip on a light switch or use your iPod.

Today, Ohm's Law was used by our tried and true electrician to start to rough out the new outlets, switches and lights for the kitchen. Paul from Roper Electric was back and his son assisted him in the first day of work for him to remove the old electric outlets and install the new lights and power sources for the kitchen. Paul is a diminutive man, who works quickly and professionally. I managed to make it home a little early from work today, so I was able to go over the plan for the lighting and electrical outlets.

Below are a few photos from Paul's work in our kitchen:

Tomorrow, Jim will return to start work on the drywall. The entropy meter here on Argentina Drive SE is pegged, but each day we are getting closer and closer to our new kitchen.


John said...

Actually, Ohm's Law states (and I paraphrase) that current is directly proportional to voltage and inversely proportional to resistance


(V=IR is a bastardization of the true Ohm's Law)

Paul's Blog said...

Like you went to college. Get back in your box, Johnny!

John said...

Some of us took two semesters of electrical engineering...some of us went on a wine tour of France.

I know my Ohm's Law !!

Gary and Lisa said...

I thought that was "ohhhhmmm...Oberon."

But I'm a social science major. What do I know?? :-)


Paul's Blog said...

So, John, were you a "Wires" or "Cables" person? Clearly not much of what the Severn River School for Wayward Youth took in your case!

And for you, L., all you gotta do is trust we physical scientists. :-)