Monday, August 18, 2008

Day 6: Appliances, windows and more electrical

Today was a day when little appeared to have been done in our kitchen project. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Jim's major task today was to wrap the four kitchen windows with coated aluminum. True to his persnicketiness, Jim was careful and thorough during his work on the windows. He also discovered that the the frame for one of the old windows was not mechanically attached to the house. The window was held in place by the friction generate between the window and the frame. Needless to say, Jim rectified that problem and affixed the window frame to the house. Yep, we are still finding little gremlins left behind by the previous owners.

to what else happened today. At 8AM my cell phone rang and it was the delivery truck from the GE Store. They told me that they would arrive in about 20 minutes to deliver our appliances. True to his word, 20 minutes later the GE truck arrived and they offloaded the fridge, range, dishwasher, beverage fridge and microwave. Our garage is slowly filling up with the appliances that will give our kitchen life. Paul the master electrician returned today, along with his son Matt, to do more work in roughing out the electrical fixtures and switches. There are also yards and yards of electrical wire in stuffed into the overhead of our basement, which Paul & Matt have carefully laid out for when they do the finish work in a week or two. I spoke to Paul about a couple of electrical issues and he seemed pleased with how the job is progressing. He said to me, "This is a large project and I do not want to get behind Jim's work."

Of course, Samson had to check things out during the work today. I took personal day today so I could be here
for the delivery of the appliances. To be honest, I could have gone into work this afternoon following the delivery, but I was able to catch up on a few projects that I had been meaning to do for a while. Since I was taking today off, we did not take Samson to doggie daycare. In order to keep him out of the builder's way, Samson will spend the day at Whiskers any day during this project when neither Deirdre or I are home. Today, I kept Samson with me, and I put him in his crate the two times I left the house to run errands. Samson happily went into his crate each time I told him to go there, but the puppy treats helped, too! When I was home Samson had free run of the house and he kept out of the way of Jim and Paul, though he wanted to supervise the work going on in the kitchen. It is just a manifestation of one of his primal GSD instincts: standing guard. Jim and Paul were well supervised as you can see from the photo to the left. It is always good to have a GSD keeping watch on your home.

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