Saturday, February 23, 2008


In the course of the next few days, I will hear back from two possible employers. I had my second interview with the Red Cross, and the Chief Executive Officer told me at the end of my interview that a hiring decision would be made sometime next week. I also have been pursing employment by GE. I applied for a couple of jobs and thanks to a few weird connections, I have been in contact with a person at GE who sent me the following e-mail yesterday:

Mr. XXX most familiar with the opportunities in our Directorate
- Computing Environments. He is out of town but is eager to talk to you. He is planning to contact you on Monday or Tuesday to discuss the details of what we have to offer.

GE is a leviathan, with approximately 320,000 employees and more than $172 billion in sales last year. I am willing to bet that GE's hiring process is glacial in its progress. The Grand Rapids chapter of the American Red Cross has 21 paid employees and approximately 750 volunteers. The Red Cross is a lot more agile in its hiring decision, as it has been less than two weeks since my first interview with the CEO, and they will make a hiring decision next week. I am confident that I could do the job for the Red Cross, but I want to keep my options open. Hopefully, I will hear from GE on Monday or Tuesday and have a sense of whether or not GE is interested in me.


John said...

I'll bet GE won't be glacial...if they want you, they'll hire you. The "hiring manager" is the key, and it sounds like the guy who wants to talk to you may be that guy.

Granted CACI isn't the leviathan that GE is, but I was pretty surprised how quick it went once I was with the hiring manager.

Lisa and Gary... said...

Who needs disaster relief? I like discounted appliances.

All kidding aside, whoever lands you will have made a mighty fine catch. You're in no hurry. You're a kept man, remember?