Thursday, February 28, 2008

Chemists & Mathematicians are cool!

I sort of opened up a line of discussion with a previous blog posting regarding my thoughts regarding the fact that there were no "skate classes" for me when I was forced to take classes in such irrelevant disciplines like Economics or Political Science or even worse English. However, Econ, Poli-Sci and English majors were given a "pass" when they had to take a class in mathematics or chemistry or physics or biology. Not that I am bitter...

A few of my non-science major friends were told me that while
they sympathized with me, there was little they could do to change the facts: It is easier for a physical science major to do well in a social science than it is for a social science major to do well in physical science. I suppose I can feel superior after hearing such comments. OK, I won't feel that I am superior. I know that I am superior! If any of you social scientists can explain to me what these equations to the right of this text mean, I look forward to your explanation. I can certainly talk about Economics, Poli-Sci or English issues with you, if you like!

Well, tomorrow, all my hard work as a chemistry major might finally pay off. For those of you who have followed this blog, you know that I have started my search for gainful employment. Tomorrow, I have an interview with GE Aviation. The position's title is called "Engineer Manager 5: Manager of Technical Managers." Here is two of the the job requirements:


* Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Computer Science.

This is one of the first positions I have found that specifically listed my undergraduate degree as a necessary qualification for the job. Life agrees with me.


Lisa and Gary... said...

I think it means:

If: you have nothing to do on Friday

Or: Saturday

Then: Meet us for Happy Hour at

(Where): The Cabin

Central Michigan University, circa 1984

Go, Fire Up, Chips...


John said...

Math majors always get the hot chicks !!