Saturday, February 9, 2008


A few Sundays ago, there was an ad in the Grand Rapids Press that caught my eye. The GR chapter of the American Red Cross is looking for a person to be their Director of Readiness and Response. Here is a little about the job from the Red Cross website:


The Director of Readiness & Response, under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, provides strategic leadership, direction and oversight to the development, coordination, and growth of the Service to the Armed Forces, International Services, Transportation Services, and Disaster Services and their volunteers.


Applicants should have excellent communication and writing skills, computer skills including word processing and database management, excellent organizational skills, leadership and management experience with staff and volunteer teams, planning and budgeting. Experience in Emergency Management and/or Disaster Planning is a plus.

The other day I received a phone call from the employment director and she said to me, "We received almost a hundred resumes. The CEO and I reviewed them all and yours came up to the top. We would like to interview you for the job."

So, on Monday I will meet with the Red Cross and interview for this job. From this job description, whomever they hire is an ex-cop, ex-firefighter or former military. I think that I have a pretty good shot at getting this job. Updates to follow!


Lisa and Gary... said...

Do they know who they're dealing with? Obviously not; otherwise, they'd have called and just made the offer. Pity the other candidates come Monday.



Paul's Blog said...

Thanks for the kind words. I will let you know how the first interview goes!


John said...

schweet !!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, amigo.

marcus carcass