Saturday, June 6, 2009

OK, this is getting out of hand

Since my last post, I have noticed more chairs placed out on the front lawns of nearby homes. Here are a few examples:

Notice extra stuff for this chair. This alien must be important:

I am trying to discern if the color of the chairs have meaning. Does white represent a plebeian class, while colored chairs are those of patricians?

This must be a gathering place for the aliens as they plot and plan to take over the Earth:

And this is clear evidence that the aliens have reproduced, possible during their stay on earth:

So, gentle reader, what am I to do? Do I contact DHS and see what they can do, or do I knock on the door of one of these alien homes and confront them? I have see some of the "people" who populate the homes with these chairs and they look like any other human, but I saw Cocoon, I know that aliens can morph into pretty much any form they desire.

I think that it will be best if I continue to monitor the situation. They all seem so normal, but there must be something insidious about these chairs and what they represent. I will keep all of you posted as this develops...


Swani said...

Is it just the color that means something, or is it the SHAPE of the chair too?

Lisa said...

Ok...that's just getting scary!