Sunday, June 28, 2009

Does anybody recognize this woman?

I zipped east to Grosse Pointe to visit with my parents this weekend and while there, a mysterious woman approached my car and started dancing. Concerned for my safety and the safety of my car, I quickly left the area.

If any of you know the name of this person and have any idea why she was dancing in front of my car, please let me know so I can alert the proper authorities... and get her some dancing lessons.


Lisa said...

Get her a clean pair of pants, too. I mean, what happened there? Did her kid sit on a magic marker in a wet bathing suit and then sit in that crazy woman's lap? Scheesh! She could stand to clean up a bit.

And the dancing does have an Elaine Benes look about it.

Hey, how about that picture of you making my kid cry? :-) Hilarious. She talked about you all night. All kind things. Really.

Thanks for stopping. Good to see you. We'll be in GR shortly to see how The Tot reacts to your dog.


Paul's Blog said...

I told Dee that the Tot burst into tears when I was holding her. I have a pretty amazing affect on some women...

Deirdre said...

Amazing would be *one* word.