Sunday, May 31, 2009

Did I miss the memo?

There has been a somewhat disturbing trend happening here in the homes near the place we call home: Chairs. Yep, chairs. In front yards. And more often than note, they are white Adirondack chairs. This is a recent phenomenon as these chairs were not there last year. Along one street near our home there are 8 houses with white Adirondack chairs sitting in their front yards. Did I miss the memo that you are supposed to put white Adirondack chairs in your front yard?

I have another theory about the chairs: Alien life forms have visited out planet and they are hiding in plain site disguised as our friends and neighbors. These aliens identify themselves to each other by putting white Adirondack chairs in the front yards of the homes they have invaded.


Lisa said...

Ha! You are hilarious. Aliens. Scheesh.

Personally, I like the sense of community it engenders. Neighbors gathered, chatting, greeting passers-by. I'm waxing nostalgic. Sorry.

I say you get a couple. They'd look nice on that expanse of front lawn. But push the envelope. Get lime green, or something.


Paul's Blog said...

Oh, oh. I think that L has been assimilated by aliens...

Also, I checked with the city. Lime green is not approved in EGR. Only white, blue or gold.


Big Johnny said...

"Nosy neighbor chairs"

Go get a couple fold up papasans...throw off the chi of the neighborhood...

Cameron Ted said...

Well, now I want to take my chairs in the back yard and put them in the front just to mess with my neighbors a little.

what has made our neighborhood more cozy here in Des Moines is the fact a block away the bridge is out getting replaced "Your tax dollars at work" as the sign says. No bridge, means no speeding traffic rushing to the freeway on ramp. Now that I think about it, no traffic, those chair are going up front!

I'll tell everyone it was aliens though.

Word verification: mettomer

Chris said...

I agree with Paul. Everyone knows Space Aliens are real... I saw it in Repo Man.

And nothing says "Come on over for a cold one" more than an old pickup and a refrigerator in your front yard... Adirondack chairs? Only an alien would think of something like that.