Thursday, November 13, 2008

What a difference a year makes

A year ago today we brought Samson home from the West Michigan Regional Laboratory. His name was Danson, but we felt that was not the right name for him. Thus, he became Samson, aka Handsome Boy. We have made great strides with him since that first afternoon in our lives.

When we
brought Samson home, he was fearful, aggressive and just plain scared. It took a bit of patience, a lot of training and quite a few puppy treats, but he is now nothing but 100lbs of fur and love. He seeks our affection and attention, and as I type this entry, Samson is lying quietly on the sofa next to me. Both of his paws are gently touching my thigh and he is occasionally pawing at me for a little attention. Yep, he has come a long way!

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Lisa... said...

He is one lucky pup to have found such good peoples!! :-)