Friday, November 28, 2008

Now the kitchen is complete

For frequent readers of this blog, you know that are aware that we recently remodeled our kitchen. The change has been nothing short of fantastic, but we were unable to order the window treatments until the hardware of the kitchen was completed. Thus, in late September we ordered window treatments and on Tuesday, they were finally installed. We also ordered a custom made sign with the words "Cead Mile Failte." That phrase means "100,000 Welcomes" in Gaelic. We thought it was a fitting phrase to have in our kitchen, which is the heart of our home.


Lisa... said...

Everything looks great. And thanks for the translation. My Gaelic is not what it used to be.

Hope you guys had a wonderful, relaxing Thanksgiving. The Streuseled Sweet Potatoes were really good.


Cameron Ted said...

Hey there Paul, I occasionally love to hit the "next blog" button and see what I fall into. Your blog, I guess, just happened to be the one :) keep up the great work!