Sunday, November 9, 2008

A trip to GP & Slacker Sunday

Last week was a busy one for me and the General. I had to prepare for a meeting with one of our customers for an avionics box. This meeting is called "Critical Design Review," where we go over the design and manufacturing process. I had to put together some slides to describe the work the Engineering Services was doing in support of this program. The design review went well and our customer was quite happy with our progress in the program. I have completed six months of employment with General Electric and I am getting more and more comfortable with the work I do for the company.

This weekend was also one where I went to my parent's house in Grosse Pointe. I wan
ted to get back before winter set in to help my father do some chores. I left from work on Friday afternoon and made it to my parent's house around 3PM. For Friday evening, I made plans to have dinner with my friend John and his lovely bride Maria. Maria and I made rack of lamb, and Maria made a rice dish (I need to get her recipe). John and I were able to catch up on things going on in his life and we just enjoyed an evening together. I also took the opportunity to sharpen their knives, which clearly needed to be done. It is said that I am a little funny about my knives. A sharp knife is a safe knife. Enough about that.

was a cold but there was lots and lots of sunshine for me to get a few pictures from my ancestoral home of Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Not much has changed in that town since I left it in 1984 to find my own fame and fortune. Sure, a few business have come and gone along Mack Avenue, but the look and feel of the town is pretty much as it was when I left it.

I also
drove by my high school, which has changed. There is a new science building and some updated signs. The original high school was completed in 1969 when only large corporations, universities and the government had computers. Thus a new building dedicated to the study of science is a great upgrade to one of the best high schools in the state.

No trip
back to Grosse Pointe would be complete without a stop by Lake St. Clair. I was able to park my car near the Lake and wander across Lakeshore Drive to take a few pictures. I think I found a house on Lakeshore that Deirdre would love. The only problem is that the asking price is $3.5 million. Maybe if the price drops a little we will most likely make an offer.

I wanted to be back in EGR by noon in the hope that I could work on clearing some leaves. I left my parent's home a little before 8AM so I was back home before 11AM. Now the slacker Sunday has begun in earnest!


Lisa... said...

One of the best things about GP: it never changes! I remember when they built that house on Lakeshore. It was unique because it wasn't framed in wood the way most houses were/are. The frame of that house is all steel girders.

Oh, and a Nutty Irishman is coffee, Baileys and Frangelico. Yum. The Irish Coffee makes the BEST Nutty Irishman.


BigFred said...

We may be twins! I just did a CDR for one of my projects, and whenever I visit family or friends, I bring my sharpening gear. Strange!

Paul's Blog said...

OK, bigfred, I need to know: Are you a co-worker or a competitor?

BigFred said...

I am a friend. From that other site, you know, the shipdriver one? We've talked on the phone about retirement advice. And I like sharp knives.

Big Johnny said...

You and I and Big Mike know there is only one TRUE place for Irish Coffee, neh ??? (Especially when Big Mike buys...)