Monday, July 28, 2008

Things that Samson likes to eat

This afternoon we took Samson in to see our vet for an inocculation for Bordatella and a wellness exam. We are getting ready to introduce Samson to boarding and doggie day care, and the place where we want to board him required an updated inoculation and exam. Samson had been seen by Dr. Rick in November, soon after we brought him home. Samson was still borderline feral, and he was none too happy to be poked and prodded by Dr. Rick. Today was a completely different story. I went to Dr. Rick's office from my work, as Deirdre went home to get Mr. Handsome and took him in her car to his office. The last time Samson paid our vet a visit, he was barking and agitated. He was fearful of anyone touching him and was generally a pest. Today, Samson bounded out of Dee's car and he was eager to get inside and meet new friends. We were the last patient of the day so as soon as we got inside, we were taken to the exam room. However, before we went to the room, Samson was weighed. Today, his weight was 103lbs. In November, he weighed 76lbs. Yep, Samson has been living the good life with us. Truth be told, Dr. Rick told us last November Samson was "a little thin," but we were surprised to see that he had gained 27lbs!

Back to the exam. Dr. Rick's able bodied assistant Jen came in to speak to us and to say hello to Samson. The last time Jen saw him he wanted nothing to do with her, cowering in the corner of the exam room, trying to avoid all contact. Today, Samson immediately went to Jen, licking her face with his ears flat back on his head. As soon as Jen started to pet him, he rolled over on his back, a complete expression of his submission to her. Jen was so happy to see Samson and she said, "You guys have done great things with him." We discussed with Jen, in-between puppy kisses and licks, what we needed done. Jen left to brief Dr. Rick, and in a few minutes they both returned.

As soon as Dr. Rick and Jen returned, Samson had to go say hello to them both, as if re-acquainting himself with long lost friends. Samson was docile and loving, twice rolling on his back as if to say, "Please rub my belly. Please?" Dr. Rick gave Samson a quick once over and then prepared to give him the Bordatella inoculation. Samson was a good patient and in no time, Dr. Rick had given Samson his shot. Dr. Rick then
wanted to look at Samson's teeth, but he was a hesitant as at the last visit, Samson was not a very cooperative patient. This time, things were different. I told Samson to sit, he immediately complied and Dr. Rick was able to carefully and thoroughly examine his teeth. Checking a dog's teeth is not an easy task if the dog does not want it done. However, Samson was all to happy to comply. Dr. Rick was very happy with the change in Samson's deportment since our last visit, and he said to us, "Samson is a completely different dog. Frankly, I was worried about him and you when he was last here. You have done great things with him. His new temperment is a testament to you as great pet owners." Dr. Rick took care of our beloved Allie the last 6 years of her life and he knew how she communicated with us. Samson was a clean slate. He was also an almost feral slate when we got him. What a difference 8 months makes in changing a dog's habits.

We also spoke about Samson's weigh gain, as Dr. Rick thought that he could afford to lose a few pounds. Allie was one of those few dogs who are totally self regulating. We did not feed her twice or three times a day. We just kept food in her dish and she ate when she was hungry. Samson, however, is fed twice a day and the kibble and soft food in his dish is quickly eaten. Allie also suffered from terrible food allergies. We could only feed her a soy based dry food, and then only organic puppy treats. Allie would look at us with huge eyes whenever I cooked chicken or salmon of steak, hoping that we would share a few morsels with her. Unfortunately, we could not as her resultant allergic reaction might last for days. Thanfully, Samson does not suffer from any sort of food allergies. He can eat pretty much anything. In the course of the past eight months, here is a partial list of foods Samson likes to eat:

Beef, in any form
Tuna fish
Romaine lettuce
Iceberg lettuce
Red leaf lettuce
Boston leaf lettuce
Cous cous
Ice cream (especially ice cream)
Peanut butter
Blue cheese dressing
Ceasar dressing
Diet Coke
Ice cubes

Again, this is a partial list. No doubt it will expand in time. Life agrees with Samson.


Gary and Lisa said...

I think you have forgotten an entree, or two; squirrels and shrews.

Way to go, Samson. Love found you not a moment too soon.


John said...

" Am I not handsome ??"

Paul's Blog said...

Technically, Samson did not eat the squirrel, shrew or mouse. He merely killed them. :-)


Deirdre said...


He is INDEED handsome....:)

John said...

"Technically, Samson did not eat the squirrel, shrew or mouse. He merely killed them. :-)"

Because you wouldn't let didn't let him enjoy the fruits of the hunt... :^(