Friday, July 11, 2008

Samson had another kill today...

Well, it happened again. Samson, ever the hunter, found more prey this afternoon. When I returned home from work this afternoon, I let Samson out and I started to throw a nylon frisbee for him, which is one of his favorite pastimes. Samson enjoyed chasing, catching and returning the frisbee to me... for a while. In our neighbor's yard there is ring of pacasandra around one of their trees. Samson sensed something in this ground cover and he he was off. Samson poked around the pacasandra for a few moments and pounced. I moment later, a small, black furry mammal was in the grass in front of Samson. Samson toyed with this animal for a bit and I was able to pull him off long enough for this creature to get back into the pacasandra. Samson and I played with the aforementioned frisbee for a fe more minutes, than his predatory instincts took over. I hoped that Samson would be happy enough with just corning the animal, but I was wrong. In just a moment, Samson reacquired his target, but this time, he would kill it. Once again, I pulled Samson off of his quarry and scooted him back to our house. After he was inside, I went out to collect the remains of the animal, expecting to find a mouse. However, it was not a mouse. Thanks to some taxonomy help from our neighbor, I was able to identify the animal as a shrew. He sort of looked like a mouse, but with a much shorter tail. I picked up the little guy, put him into a plastic bag and put him into our trash can.

Yep, Samson might be domesticated, but he is still a predator at heart.

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