Monday, July 21, 2008

Blucher mocs and other tales...

OK, I have been a bit of a slacker this past week. I did not update my blog and I am catching heck for it.

I was busy at work and I have been taking care of Princess. She had a great post-op visit with her surgeon this past week and the date for the removal
of the Pin. I also received my new blucher mocs, and I am slowly breaking in the leather.

As for updates on Polly Pinfoot and Deb, here we go:

1) Polly Pinfoot: 3 days and a wake up and the pin comes out. To say that she is excited is an incredible understatement.

2) Deb: Deb goes under the knife on Monday, 28 July to have a screw removed from her leg. She continues to rehab and she is doing well, but the screw in her tibia needs to be removed. She will be under general anesthesia for an hour or so during the procedure.

I will endeavor to be more vigilant in updating my blog this week. Mea culpa.

1 comment:

Gary and Lisa said...

You need to make sure you do not pass through airport security with either of these girls before their respective hardware is removed.

Glad the new shoes are working out. :-)