Sunday, July 13, 2008

The simple joy of blucher mocs

I am a 40-something year old male who essentially has two pairs of shoes: Blucher mocs and running shoes. OK, I do have some grown up shoes, which I wear for work. I also have to wear socks with these grown up shoes, but I do not have to wear socks with my blucher mocs. I do not like to wear socks, but since the General is paying me to dress the part and wear socks and shoes. However, as soon as I get home from work, I change into shorts, a t-shirt and I slip on my blucher mocs. These shoes have been my constant companion for over 25 years. When I was in high school and college, I tended to wear Sperry Topsiders. These were my shoes of choice as I spent a lot of time on boats and these shoes did were known for their non-marking soles. If you ever want to make a boat owner angry, wear shoes that leave a mark on the deck of their boat. You will never be asked to return. I went through a pair of Topsiders about every season as the soles woudl quickly wear down.

When I was in college, I purchased my first pair of LL Bean blucher mocs. I bought these shoes on a whim as they looked like the venerable Topsiders, but they were a little less expensive. As w
as customary during that time, I saw the shoes in an LL Bean catalogue, dialed an 800 number and placed my order for the shoes. A few days later the shoes were delivered by a UPS truck. I opened the box and immediately put the mocs on my sockless feet. They were immediately comfortable and required no "break in" period. The leather was soft and supple and the sole, though brown not white like my Topsiders, was equally flexible. These shoes were comfortable, wore like iron and rarely showed dirt. I found my shoe.

Thus began an uninterrupted period of over 24 years of me wearing blucher mocs. My first pair last a couple of years. The leather was fine, but the soles had worn out. I purchased another pair, not knowing that I could send the shoes back to LL Bean and have them replaced. Following the purchase of my second pair of mocs, I found myself as an officer in the Navy stationed in Guam. The mocs were perfect for island living. The shoes were virtually indestrucible, shed salt water like a duck's back and were perfect for my time there. When I was living in Guam I discovered the ability of LL Bean to re-sole my mocs. When my mocs were getting a little ragged, I ordered a replacement pair (by mail!) and as soon as the shoes arrived I sent my well worn shoes back to Maine to have the soles replaced. I repeated this process more times than I can remember, every year or two sending a pair of the mocs back to LL Bean for a make-over.

Over the years, I acquired more than two pairs of mocs. Sometimes, the leather would go, but only after years and years of wear. Those mocs would then be used when I painted or cut the grass or had to do, as my better half would say, "hot dirty man-work." Now that we have finally settled into a single residence (at one point we had three), I have been able to get all my mocs into one place. I have three pairs. However, all three pairs are in need of a make over. Yesterday, I went on line and ordered a new pair of blucher mocs from my friends at LL Bean. As soon as I receive the new mocs, I will use the box used to ship them and start sending back my remaining mocs for a make over. Look for updates as conditions warrant.


Lisa said...

Ahhh, yes. You can take the boy out of Grosse Pointe, but you can't take the Grosse Pointe out of the boy!! :-)


Paul's Blog said...

Hey, if the shoe fits, wear it! I am happy to report that the blucher mocs have been shipped.


John said...

Bluchers aren't mocs, they're bluchers...mocs are mocs...

Frau Blucher.....

By the way....time for an update, slacker. How're Deb and Polly PinFoot ??