Sunday, May 20, 2012

Week Two of the Basement Project

Week Two of the Basement Project ended on a very positive note.  A lot of water lines were moved, studs were roughed in, and cement was mixed and poured where the new bathroom will be.  This is a view of where the bathroom will be, before the cement was poured and studs were installed:

This is the floor before the cement was broken up.
A few plumbing lines installed and in place.

Lance doing his magic.

This is what is looks like now:

Insulation is now in place and the old carpeting is gone:

Perhaps the most important thing to happen last week was that the plumbing, electrical and structural inspections passed without a problem:

Plumbing inspection approved!

Electrical and Structural inspection approved!

Next week will be all drywall, all the time:

Updates to follow as the project continues to unfold.


Ur-spo said...

Say, isn't that project finished yet? Give us some updates!

Paul's Blog said...

Updates to follow. I have been a slacker!