Sunday, May 13, 2012

Comcast Customer Service is an Oxymoron

My struggles with Comcast are well documented here  in this blog.  Most of the attempts I have made to communicate with Comcast about my bills or service have been very painful.  Unfortunately, Comcast is the only high speed internet provider we have here, so they are essentially a monopoly.

After giving it some thought, we decided to drop our landline.  We rarely use it and it is costing us money each month for a service we do not use.  I logged into our Comcast account and I poked around the website trying to find out what it might cost us to drop the land line and go with HDTV and high speed internet.  The Comcast website is so poorly laid out that it was not possible to determine what it would cost to drop our landline while keeping HDTV and high speed internet access.  I kept getting sent to a webpage asking me which of the premium movie channels I wanted... HBO, Stars, etc.  I do not want any premium movie channels, I simply want basic HDTV and high speed internet access.

While I was trying to find out the answer to what I thought was a simple change in my service plan, I get an instant message from a person identified as Chris at Comcast.  Below is how the chat went: 

Chris: Hi, I'm a live Comcast product specialist. Would you like my help checking out?
Chris: Just type your question below.
Me: Your website is impossible to navigate!
Me: I want to change my services, but I keep getting sent to a webpage asking me about premium TV channels.
Me: I currently have HD Preferred XF bundled services
Me: I want to drop my land line and have HDTV and high speed internet access
Chris: I am sorry being an online sales representative I don't have access to your account therefore I would recommend you to please contact our customer service at 1-800-comcast as they have the complete access to your account and will be helping you with the best option available for you.
Me: I don’t want HBO, Starz, etc.
Me: If you can' t help me, why did you instant message me?
Me: If you are on online sales representative, and you can't sell me a new package, what can you do for me?
Me: I want an online sale to happen. Are you the wrong person to help me?
Chris: I am sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.
Chris: I apologize and I know that my apologies would not compensate for the inconvenience caused to you. However, I am an online sales representative and due to limited access, I would not be able to get the details of your account.
Me: So just what is your function at Comcast? Is your job to contact people via instant messaging and then tell them that they need to call 1-800--COMCAST?
Me: Can you tell me what it would cost me to get HDTV (no movie channels) and high speed internet access?
Me: I want you to sell me the aforementioned items. What would it cost me?
Chris: Okay.
Chris: May I know how much are you paying for the current service?
You: $159.95/month,
Chris: Prices and plans vary by location, however we can definitely take a look at the available offers in your area. 
Me: With all taxes and fees, my bill is $179.47.
Me: Can you tell me what it would cost me to get HDTV (no movie channels) 
and high speed internet access?
Me: I want you to sell me the aforementioned items. What would it cost me?
Chris: Okay.
Chris: May I please have your address and zip code?
Me: My address is .... (hidden for privacy reasons).
Chris: Thank you for providing your complete address.
Me: I saw a deal for something called "Blast Plus" for $79.95/month.
Chris: I can assist you with adding services or upgrading here on this website. 
To discuss lower priced options, please call our Customer Service Team at 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) for more information. They will be able to access your account information and see what options are available to you.
Me: So despite your title as an "online sales representative," you can't help me or sell me anything?
Chris: I can understand your concern but really apologize for the inconvenience caused as I cannot downgrade a customer.
You: If you can't really help me, why did you contact me?
Chris: I am really apologize.
Chris: Please contact our customer service for better information and options available for you.
You: Thanks for nothing.

So, Chris is an online sales representative for Comcast who reaches out to me to help me change my Comcast package... but he can't really sell me what I want, unless I want to upgrade my service.  I am still trying to find out why Chris contacted me... and once again I am reminded about how painful it is to deal with Comcast.

This journey will unfold in the next few days.  I will keep you posted.


Jennifer said...

Ugh!!! Nothing more to say

Ur-spo said...

Happily I don't watch TV so I don't have to deal with that nonsense.

ComcastCares1 said...

I apologize for the experience. I will make sure that your experience is shared with the appropriate department.

I will also reach out to my local colleagues to see if we can offer a better pricing for you.


Mark Casem
Comcast Corp.
National Customer Operations

ComcastCares1 said...

Please contact me and provide your account info and a link to this page (for reference) at

Paul's Blog said...

Mark, why in the world did one of your online sales representatives reach out to me, only to tell me that could not help me? It makes no sense to me.