Saturday, October 11, 2008

Simplicty of things

I read somewhere that everything you ever need to know you can learn from your dog. The longer we live with Samson, our rescue GSD, the more I agree with that statement. His life revolves around the following events:

- Sleeping
- Walks
- Chasing hoppy things in the yard
- Eating
- Sleeping some more

This morning I woke up first (no big surprise there) and Samson followed me out of the bedroom. As is our usual routine, I took him out for a walk around the block. For Samson, each walk is like a completely new adventure, full of interesting sights, sounds and aromas. For me, it was just a little early morning exercise, but to him, this is the highlight of the morning. He is so much calmer now than he was just a few months ago. It is as if he is finally comfortable with us and realizes that we are members of his pack. Samson used to get quite agitated when runners or other people walking came by us. Now, he hardly pays any attention to people coming and going. He is all about the walk.

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Lisa... said...

When I was a newbie mom, I attempted to walk The Tot (in the stroller) and Rex at the same time. He was horrible on a leash. Never did quite understand he needed to stay with me as opposed to 15 feet in front. He also never learned he shouldn't cross over in front of the stroller, either, and I nearly crushed him on any number of occasions. Once, his leash became so entangled in the wheels I actually had to sit down on the sidewalk to try and extricate him from yet another fine mess. I never walked the two of them together again unless Daddy-O was with us. I'm pretty sure, for Rex, it was less about the walk, and more about finding ways to hear me combine cuss words in new and unexpected ways.

On a more positive note, when we first moved back to Michigan and were living in my old Lyon St., abode, he used to love going over to Aquinas for some off-leash time through the woods. In Fall, the smell of earth made him maniacal.