Sunday, October 26, 2008

Samson likes pancakes... and bacon

On Friday when I was out shopping for last night's meal, I thought that Sunday might be a good day to try out the griddle on our new stove. Thus, I picked up some Jiffy Mix, maple syrup and some thick sliced bacon. For those of you who who read this blog and are not from the Enchanted Mitten by birth or by marriage, Jiffy Mix is made in Chelsea, Michigan, by the Chelsea Milling Company. Since 1930, Jiffy Mix has been a staple in a lot of homes in Michigan but also around the country. Jiffy Mix is similar to Bisquik, but made here in Michigan. Thus, when given the opportunity on Friday to purchase a baking mix, I opted for Jiffy Mix.

This morning when I started to to gather the things I needed to make pancakes, I realized this morning that since we
brought Samson home last November, I had not made pancakes. Thus, we would be able to continue to investigate foods that Sammy likes. Deirdre started to cook the bacon in one of our non-stick frying pans and started to heat up the griddle. Samson certainly noticed the aroma of the bacon as it sizzled and cooked next to the griddle. He decided that the best place for him to be in case a strip of bacon or pancake fell to the ground was to lay down just in front of the stove. Please see the photo to the left of this text to see the space Samson was occupying while we cooked breakfast. The base of the stove is just a few inches from his nose. Yep, if gravity was going to work in his favor, he wanted to be ready.

We were thrilled with the performance of the griddle. It heated up quickly and the heat was evenly spread in the cooking surface. The pancakes were golden brown and complemented the bacon and maple syrup perfectly. We had a few snitches left over and we shared some bacon and an pancake with Samson. We can now unequivocally say that Samson likes pancakes and bacon.


Big Johnny said...

That dog lives better than I do !!!

But is he not handsome ??!!

Michael said...

Hey- make sure you collect on your bet with Bob Skau.

MSU 35
UM 21

Lisa... said...

Retired Royal Canadian Navy Bob? Bet against the Spartans???? Oh, man. I'm so disappointed.

The Tot suggests Samson also try homemade waffles. She likes hers with a little vanilla and cinnamon.


Paul's Blog said...

The Bob in question is my brother Michael's father-in-law.


Lisa... said...

Whew! I was worried there for a moment.

Well, I still have a couple hours of birthday left and everyone has gone to bed. Turning 44 is certainly much different than turning 24. That's for sure. The party ends much, much sooner.

Thanks for the birthday song.