Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday night

The weekend is just about done. I am sitting next to the Deirdre (replete with a pin in her foot), enjoying the gloaming. While I had a busy weekend, I also had a very relaxing one. One annoying habit of our pup Samson is that he tends to wake up between 0515-0530 every morning. Even on Saturday and Sunday. I am known as a morning person, but getting up at zero-dark-thirty unless I absolutely have to is, well, tiring. On Saturday morning he did not disappoint as at precisely 0520, Samson walked out of his crate, sauntered over to my side of the bed and started squeaking at me. I got up, attached a leash to his collar and took him outside to go potty. Samson obliged and I promptly went back to bed. Samson wandered back into his kennel, circled a couple of times and plopped down to go back to sleep, too.

Deirdre and spent some time on Saturday helping our friends at HWC Homeworks sort through some IT issues. The problems were fairly simple:

1) Setting up a secure wireless network
2) Configuring a printer.
3) Conducting some training on a scanner.
4) Conducting more training on uploading and downloading images to and from a camera.

In just a few hours, our work was done and I headed back home to make Dee one of her favorite dishes: Tenderloin DeLuxe. And wine. Lots of red wine. We watched the Tigers blow a 5 run lead, only to come back in the bottom of the ninth inning to win the game. And oh by the way, with Saturday night's victory, the Tigers reached the .500 mark for the first time of the season.

Sunday was a little more laid back than Saturday. Samson did not stir until almost 7AM, which was most welcome. Dee and I enjoyed a quiet morning, Samson chased a few squirrels, and we began a restful day. I did enjoy one extravagance: an are compressor. For the past 6 years or so, I had unfettered access to an air compressor because of my former employer. The Navy used compressed air. Lots of it. Well, today, I tried to add some air to the tires of one of our cars and the compressor at the gas station was unable to produce enough pressure to fill my tires. I had been planning on buying my own air compressor for a while, but today was the last straw. After my unsuccessful attempt to add air to my tires, I went to Lowes and purchased Kobalt 17 gallon 150 psi compressor. In no time, I fired up the compressor, got it up to pressure and filled my tires.

Yes, life agrees with us here in the Enchanted Mitten.


Lisa and Gary... said...

Samson and The Tot have a lot in common. Wake up call this a.m., was 0515. <--- pretty good for a civilian.

0515 is bad enough. 0515 with a bit of a wine bar hangover is something completely different!!


Paul's Blog said...


Well, was the wine at least good the night before?

Lisa and Gary... said...

I think so. But I'm not sure a bottle of Caymus could have made an 0515 wake up call worth it!


Paul's Blog said...

I hope that you hydrated before the bottle of Caymus!