Sunday, June 8, 2008

End of a great weekend

Tonight is either the end of last week or the beginning of next. Last week, we saw our beloved Red Wings come within 34 seconds of winning the Stanley Cup. Two nights later, the aforementioned Wings won the aforementioned Cup. On Friday, an estimate 1.2 million people attended the victory parade in downtown Detroit. We would have gone, but Dee was crazy busy at work, and I was just finishing my sixth week of employment with General Electric. Yesterday, Dee and I worked to reduce the overall entropy in the house. Today, Dee worked as the Laundry Fairie and I toiled outside, cutting the grass and working in the yard. I was doing what Deirdre has called "Hot dirty man-work."

I like to think of Sunday night as the end of the week, with Monday as the
start of the week. Thus, tonight is the end of a great week. Life agrees with us.


Lisa and Gary... said...

I'm on permanent vacation. I never know the date or day of the week, anymore. It's like perpetual Groundhog Day around here.

Have a great week.


John said...

"I was doing what Deirdre has called "Hot dirty man-work."

Well...she is a Gentle Flower (despite the vile unladylike language that spewed forth on the phone the other night... :^)

Paul's Blog said...

Technically, you have six Saturdays and a Sunday in your week. I was living that dream for almost 8 months! :-)