Sunday, June 1, 2008

Painting is done...

Last weekend our good friend Deb helped me paint the interior of the our new front door, as well as the sidelights. The door is a fiberglass composite and it was originally light tan in color, so it took a few coats to completely cover the unfinished surface. I needed to paint the outside of the door and sidelights, so that was the main focus of my many weekend projects. I removed the front door from its hinges so I could better paint it, and with Deirdre's help, I moved the door into the garage, where I set upon a couple of saw horses and went to work. I removed some of the door hardware as I felt that it would be easier to paint the door without the deadbolt. The door seemed to take the paint quite well, but from the start I planned on at least two coats to the door. I applied the first coat to the door and the sidelights Sunday morning. I could not have asked for better weather. It is in the low 70s here in the Enchanted Mitten, and the relative humidity is a mere 52 percent. Perfect weather for exterior painting. After I applied the first coat, I waited about 3 hours before I applied the second coat. Again, the paint went on easily and now I am just waiting for my last application to dry before I will hang the door back in its place and complete this project. From the photo to the left, you can see the color of the glass in the sidelights and I have to be frank and tell you that the photo does not do the justice to how it really looks. Light beams through the colored glass, creating a wonderful glow. The glass is high enough that we have the privacy we desire, but also it lets in lots of light to our front hallway.

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Lisa and Gary... said...

That door is spectacular! What color is the exterior?

We're off to Vacation Bible School. Wish us luck. I'll read your latest post when we get back...provided one, or both, of us isn't crying too hard. VBS can be so traumatic.