Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Simple Joys

It is safe to say that Samson is enjoying his time with us as Deirdre and I wind down the summer at our cottage. He is no longer waking us at the stroke of 5AM as the sun is now rising closer to 7AM, so he allows us to sleep in, it sleeping until 7AM is considered sleeping in. Our routine here is that after breakfast, weather permitting, we take a leisurely walk to the north or south of our cottage. The walks usually involve some time in the water for Samson, as well as a lot of sniffing.

When we tell him that we are going for a walk, he prances to the side door and squeaks until I have put him on a leash and we begin our stroll. He is so deliberate when we are out for a walk. There is a lot of grass that needs to be sniffed and explored...

We have been fortunate that now that we are past Labor Day, there are a lot fewer people on the beach. Normally, we keep him on a leash for the entire walk as Samson is one of the friendliest dogs I know. He really enjoys meeting new people, and if he were off leash and somebody was on the beach, they would get Samson's cold and wet nose pushed into their hands. However, for part of our walk this morning, he was off leash and he was able to do a little extra exploring.

At the end of our walks, Samson needs to recharge his batteries. I am also reminded, each time we go for a walk, the simple joys of life.

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