Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Room with a View

One of the benefits of our cottage being on Lake Huron is that we get to see freighters from time to time. Big ones. Freighters carrying iron ore from the Duluth, or copper from the UP, or pick a raw material found in any of the Great Lakes States going to be turned into car or some other useful device. A Navy shipmate of mine turned me on to this website. My friend grew up in Wisconsin, spending his youth watching for freighters in Lake Michigan.

From 4 Sep 2011

I do not know what draws me to watch for shipping outside our windows on Lake Huron. Sometimes, I am fortunate enough to catch a ship making its passage at night and I think back to my time standing watch as Officer of the Deck, wondering what the target angle of is of the vessel. It is just cool to me to think about what is being carried aboard these ships of the inland sea known as Lake Huron.

Back to the story at hand. This fine Sunday morning Deirdre and I took Samson out for a walk, heading north from our cottage. We walked a little more than a half mile, collecting beach glass along the way. Soon after we turned around, I saw in the distance a freighter heading north. It was a large ship, probably 600-700 feet long. After we got back to the cottage I broke out the D80 and started taking some images.

The sky was grey as was the water. However, the outline of the freighter is clearly visible. Deirdre's D300 had the zoom lens but I think that I caught a pretty good shot of the ship.

I am certain that her blog will have a few images of the freighter soon. I watched the freight for well over an hour and I caught this image from inside of our cottage. This view just never gets old.

And for the record, Samson was killed after our walk.

Life agrees with us, just East of the Equator.

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