Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Lazy July Day

It has been a magnificent day here, just East of the Equator. The sun has been shining since 0552 and the temperature has been a very comfortable 75F most of the day. What is a day at the beach without sharing a few images?

Here is the view to the north of our beach:

Here is a view to the south:

Here is the view of our cottage from where we were sitting on the beach:

And here is an image of me on the beach:

And what day at the beach would be complete without a couple images of Samson. Here, he is retrieving a toy called "Chuckit."

Here is he saying goodbye to my friend Steve who paddled in for a visit and an adult beverage:

Here, I was able to capture a halo around the sun:

Yes, life is good here Just East of the Equator.

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