Thursday, July 7, 2011

At the beach...

Things are settling in nicely here just East of the Equator. Deirdre and Samson and I are having a very relaxing and restful time in our little slice of heaven (to see images from Deirdre, click here). The weather the past few days has been nothing short of magnificent. The days have been warm and sunny, with a gentle breeze from the east or the north (this keeps the biting black flies away) and the nights have been cool. I want to share a few images from this place that we love so much. First, here is a view of the beach from the back door of our cottage:

Here is a view to the north:

This is the view from my beach chair (you can see the tip of one of my Crocs in this image):

And what is a day at the beach without Samson? He is so tired after a few days at the beach that he can barely keep his eyes open:

In a few short days I will need to head back to reality and work. Until then, look for me on the beach.

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