Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today is what we call "Gotcha Day." Two years ago today, we brought home a frightened and skittish dog named Danson. He was a German Shepherd Dog, who had been abandoned by his first family, and found living in a park just south of Grand Rapids. We brought him home and the first few days were quite a challenge. He was fearful, food aggressive and afraid of pretty much anything we did. Deirdre and I did not like his name, so we started to call him Samson and within a few weeks he was responding to that name. Thankfully, I was taking some time off between my Navy career and my next career with GE Aviation, so I had time to work with and train Samson. After about 4 months, something clicked with Samson and he became a sweet and lovable companion dog who is nothing but 95lbs of fur and love. Samson likes nothing more than to curl up on the couch for a canoodle with whomever will rub his belly for a while.

Our sweet and gentle Allie, who left us soon after I got home from the Navy, allowed us to be able to adopt Samson and work with him to bring out the good dog that was hidden inside. As I type this, Samson is chewing on a Nyl-a-bone at my side on the sofa. Yes, Samson is a good dog.

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Big Johnny said...

And is he not handsome ??