Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More staining...

Wood has a feel unlike any other natural material. A properly treated chunk of it will live on for centuries. In the right environment, it will not rot or decay for literally a thousand years. While I do not expect to live here East of the Equator for a millennium, I wanted to stain and seal the soon to be installed closet doors such that in my time here that I will never need to work on them again.

I am happy to report that all the trim has received two coats of stain, as well as two coats of clear coat polyurethane. In the next two days, I will complete the staining and application of the clearcoat polyurethane in preparation for the installation of the jambs, doors and trim next week. Life is good here, just east of the equator.


Lisa said...

Ok, how much longer is Deirdre going to have to park her Land Rover in the driveway? :-)


Paul's Blog said...

Sunday. I have one more door to seal!