Sunday, September 14, 2008

Soggy Sunday

It has been raining here in the Motherland since Friday morning. The rain began quietly, a little after 8AM and has been falling, on and off, for two days. It has been a warm, fall rain. At this point of the year, you sort of expect it to be cooler. I was hoping to cut our grass this weekend, but it would appear the earliest I can cut anything will be on Monday.

Back to the rain. I enjoy days like this. I enjoy the sound of the rain hitting the roof and the windows. I also like the way that the rain seems to muffle all other sounds. Today is a day that Hemingway would have liked. On a day like today he might have written:

Why did the chicken cross the road?
To die. In the rain.


Michael said...

Did you guys float away this weekend? Jennifer saw that Kzoo got 19" of rain over the past few days

Michael said...

Make that 10"....oops

Paul's Blog said...

Lots of rain, but we did not float away!

Lisa... said...

Me thinks thou art becoming a weather nerd!!

All kidding aside...I know just what you mean.