Sunday, January 29, 2012

A lazy January Sunday...

As forecast, it is gently snowing here on the western plains of the Enchanted Mitten.  It is a few degrees below freezing, so the snow heavy and the flakes are large.  The prediction is 2-6 inches, though I can tell you that well more than 2 inches have already fallen.

Of course, Samson is loving every minute of this semi-blizzard.

The branches on this now dormant bush are outlined by the snow.

And who would not want to be outside throwing a frisbee for Samson?

Samson would spend all day outside if we let him.

It is very quiet and very white outside right now.  It is a perfect day to curl up in front of a fire and do as little as possible, which is precisely what I am going to do next...

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Lisa said...

Looks pretty darn awesome!