Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another great weekend, just East of the Equator

Hard to believe that two weeks have passed since I last felt the muses compelling me to write something... and post something. On this thoroughly wonderfully warm and calm Sunday, the muses have hit me so here we go.

Deirdre worked remotely from our cottage the week of 25-29 July. I was able to leave work around 4PM and I arrived at our cottage around 7:30PM. We went out to dinner at a nearby place called Woodland Pines Resort. Dinner was unremarkable, but they did have Blue Moon on tap. From there, we went to the VFW for a nitecap and tried our luck with a few pull-tabs, but my luck was pretty cold.

Saturday, 30 July, was perhaps the best weather day of the year at our cottage. Our day began early that morning, as Samson woke us up around 5:45AM as if to say, "Hey, the sun is rising soon. Let's go see it! We were not disappointed.

The temps were in the mid-70s, and there was a gentle but constant breeze from the southwest. When the wind is blowing from the southwest, it keeps the bugs and the biting black flies away. Deirdre, Samson and I spent the better part of the day at the on the beach, enjoying the breeze, with intermittent dips in Lake Huron.

The highlight of the day on the beach was a visit to a nearby pine tree of a Bald Eagle. Sightings of Bald Eagles in Oscoda are common, but if you have never seen one in the wild, the sight if this magnificent bird is amazing.

This eagle stayed on his perch for about 90 minutes, before flying off to his next meal or adventure. Look for more images of him/her the next time he pays us a visit.

We believe that Samson is a new species of canine, the German Shepherd Water Dog. We can't keep him out of the water when we are at the beach.

All this activity on the beach and in the water does lead to one very tired dog:

Life remains good, just East of the Equator.

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