Sunday, December 14, 2008

$1.509 and a few other rambling thoughts...

OK, I have been a bit of a slacker this week. I last posted on my blog last weekend, just before the Army-Navy game. The Mids handed the Cadets their heads, beating them like an old drum to the tune of 34-0. While I was enjoying the football game, Princess was trying to sleep off a nasty bug. Dee was not feeling well Friday night and she went downhill from there. She fought this bug for four days, and missed two days of work. I did my best to nurse her back to health, but there was little I could do other than feed her crackers and Gatorade. I was also waiting to catch whatever she had, but so far, it would appear that I am a carrier.

On Monday when I drove to work, I saw an electronic sign at a local gas station and
the price jumped out at me. A gallon of regular unleaded fuel was $1.509. H thought I would never see a gallon of gas for less than two bucks, so I was pleasantly surprised to see it for a buck and a half. By the end of the week, that same gallon of gas was back up to $1.759, so there is still volatility to the proce of this commodity. $1.759 a gallon is a lot better than the $4 we were paying this summer, and some of the oil analysts are saying that a gallon of light sweet crude might go for less $40 a barrel. Earlier this year that same barrel of oil was being sold for $147.27 in July. I suppose that this would be a good week to top off both of our vehicles.

This week will be busy at the General. There are a few "deliverables" which I must complete to forward on to our customers, plus most aviation companies shut down the week of Christmas to New Year's Day. Certainly, I am not complaining about being busy as there are a lot of people out there whose jobs are tenuous or non-existent.

Super Mom is due to arrive in a little less than a fortnight. The blogosphere in the Enchanted Mitten is abuzz with anticipation for her and the Tot to arrive. We are hoping that Super Mom can drag herself away from Lake St. Clair and spend a few days in Kent County. Details are sketchy, but as they develop I will let you know.


Lisa... said...

Oh, we'll be there. Count on us. We fly into DTW on 12/27. I'll confirm dates when we'll be in GR as soon as I have them figured out. I'm getting a cut and color at Edwin Paul in GP, first. After that, we'll come hang out in West Michigan for as long as possible.

Premium is still about $1.95/gal here. But anything under $2.00 sure seems like a miracle...all things considered.

Glad you're finished slacking!


Big Johnny said...

$1.58 at the Exchange

Lisa... said...

Ahhhh...The Navy Exchange. Clinique. Coach. Premium Unleaded Gasoline. What more could you ask for?


Paul's Blog said...

Big Johnny,
That is a low price for gas in CA!


Cameron Ted said...

hate to be the one to tell you this, but for a while here in Iowa we were filling up at $1.39..... I just pumped some out on the ground so it still seemed pricey lol